Hey there! My name is Skyhook or Sam! Whichever you prefer is okay with me. I'm a 22 year old self taught artist/model/Discord & Twitch partner living in Philadelphia, PA. I spend my days petting pups and makin' art. My favorite mediums to work with are watercolors and gouache, most of my pieces are made with these since mixed media is my jam. Thanks to Twitch I also started oils this past year, which I absolutely love but I'm still slowly getting more comfortable with. Portraits are my preferred subjects, fan art is something I do quite often and challenging myself is always my goal. I am currently focusing on my art but I still do modeling from time to time! Feel free to come hang out some time on Twitch to get to know me better, I can answer almost all your questions on there if you're still curious about anything! 

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